POLI SIGH: The Wilmington Witch Trials


Christine O'Donnell Action Figure, She must be a witch here she is! On sale for $39.95 at herobuilders.com


MEDIAITE: Hot on the heels of her “I am not a witch” campaign ad, and just in time for Halloween, Herobuilders.com is offering Christine O’Donnell witch dolls for the collectible price of $39.95. The site also offers an “Executive” version of the doll, in a smart business suit, for $29.95. If you live in a cave, the doll is a spoof of O’Donnell’s now-infamous claim to have “dabbled in witchcraft” as a teenager. The dolls just went on sale today, so when we contacted Herobuilders owner Emil Vicale, he was shocked to learn that his creation had already been featured in The New York Daily News. While he didn’t have any sales figures yet, he did give us some indications of the doll’s possible success. “I don’t have any sales figures yet,” Vicale said, “but one woman is buying a hundred of them if she’s in a red dress, so we’re putting her in a red dress now. I think she’s going to be a fantastic seller.” MORE

RELATED: A new poll shows Republican Christine O’Donnell badly trailing Democrat Chris Coons in a Delaware Senate race that Republicans were heavily favored to win until the tea party-backed O’Donnell pulled off an upset in the GOP primary last month. The survey released Wednesday by Fairleigh Dickinson University-PublicMind found Coons leading O’Donnell 53 percent to 36 percent. It shows O’Donnell struggling within her own party, with only about two-thirds of Republicans saying they support her. It also found that O’Donnell’s primary opponent, Rep. Mike Castle, would have a strong lead if he were the GOP nominee. MORE

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