SPORTO: Bring On The ‘Skins MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY Well, that was kinda boring. In an “I’m glad it was boring” sort of way. Some big second half passes and a couple of scores made this look like a dominating Eagles performance, but most of this game was a snoozer. Thank the painfully inept Jaguars offense. You’d like to be able to credit Philadelphia’s defense for making Jacksonville look so bad, but this was more about the Jags than the Eagles D. Jacksonville QB David Garrard was inaccurate, indecisive and incontinent in the face of the Eagles pass rush. Garrard completed just 13 of 30 passes and took six sacks. Garrard has regressed since he and the Jags knocked the Steelers out of the playoffs after the 2007 season; this will be his last season as an NFL starter. He might have been pulled against the Eagles if backup Todd Bauman had been with the team more than just five days.

Does Andy Reid look justified for going to Vick at quarterback? Of course, but any quarterback would look good against that porous secondary. Sterner tests will come, but Vick and Reid certainly came out of this one smelling like roses. Vick made few mistakes, got the ball to his playmakers and showed off his rifle arm. In fairness, let’s also say that Kevin Kolb looked fantastic in the role of “I’m not pissed off at all” Cheerleader. Nice job Kevin, I almost believed you.

Don Watch: How did McNabb look in Week 3? I have no idea, I hardly saw any of that game. But he couldn’t have looked too good, as the Skins dropped a 30-16 decision to the previously winless Rams. Washington struggled on 3rd down and in the red zone, settling for three field goals. McNabb passed for 236 yards with a pick and a score. Another round for the Eagles in our running QB battle (scored like a boxing match):

McNabb          Eagles              Notes

Week 1              10                    8                    Kolb brutal, concussed. Redskins win
Week 2               9                   10                    Huge numbers for McNabb, Eagles win
Week 3               8                   10                    Vick destroys Jags; Skins lose
Totals             27                  28

With that win in the Eagles’ pocket, they are now 2-0 on the road and in sole possession of first place in the NFC East. Get ready for a second straight week of wall-to-wall talk dominated by Eagles quarterbacks, as the BIG ONE comes next Sunday afternoon…McNabb returns to Philadelphia. Whether you were with Donovan or against him by the end, I hope all Eagles fans are classy enough to show McNabb the respect and love he deserves next week. He should receive a standing ovation when introduced – but something tells me I’m going to be disappointed.

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