Ex-Mayor Questions The Current Mayor’s Blackness

https://i0.wp.com/willdo.philadelphiaweekly.com/archives/020108nutterstreet.jpg?w=790STREET:  [Nutter is] not a black mayor, he’s just a mayor with dark skin. […] I basically gave him a huge opportunity to win over the people of this city, without any interference from me. I don’t think he’s done that. [There is] huge unrest, disgust, and dismay [in the black community] . . . about the performance of the mayor. MORE

NUTTER:  It is really astounding to me that at a time of great economic distress, the former mayor, seemingly in an obsessive fashion now, would spend so much time focused on racially divisive comments and statements with seemingly no background, no detail, no verification, just talking. Just running his mouth. […] Given what’s happened over the past month or so with the former mayor, his overseeing the complete managerial meltdown of what’s going on at PHA [it’s no surprise] “that he has tried to craftily come up with a distraction to keep people from looking at the deficiencies over there. MORE

Photo by Pete Radocaj

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