RENDELL ON GOP: Crazy Is As Crazy Does

HUFFPO: Introducing DNC Chairman Tim Kaine at the University of Pennsylvania, the retiring Pennsylvania Democrat, known for his oratorical flair, warned about the government being taken over by “whackos.” He called some of the more colorful characters in the Republican Party “fruit loops.” He derided House Minority Leader John Boehner as “the tan guy,” and said that some of the GOP’s positions are “flat out crazy.” “I’m telling you,” Rendell said. “If I’m an independent voter in [Rep.] Patrick Murphy’s district, sure I’m worried about the deficit but I sure as heck am worried about people who want to do away with the 14th amendment. I’m sure as heck worried about people who don’t think the president was born in the United States of America. I sure as heck am worried about people who think that workers are staying home because of unemployment benefits… they are nuts. They are flat-out crazy.” “We are going to turn the reins of the Congress over to these people who are more and more dominated by the whacko right?” he added. MORE

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