Stoking White Fright For Fun And For Profit


GLENN GREENWALD: Virtually every Fox News/right-wing-talk-radio controversy relies on scaring economically anxious white Americans into ignoring the prime cause of their economic insecurity — plundering by Wall Street bankers, abetted by the government they own — and focusing instead on some manufactured menace from powerless racial and ethnic minorities:  black people preventing them from voting (New Black Panthers), stealing their elections (ACORN), and treating them unequally (Shirley Sherrod and Eric Holder’s Justice Department); Muslims who want to conquer their country and celebrate over their Christian corpses (the Triumphalist Ground Zero Mosque); invading, marauding Latino armies coming to steal their property and rape their women while their Marxist allies in Government (led by a black Muslim President) disarm the white victims.  Matt Taibbi, in lamenting the takeover of the GOP by the most riled-up of these factions — the Tea Partiers — recounts just some of the lowlights here. MORE

RELATED: Glenn Beck is smitten with Alveda King, a fundamentalist Christian and outspoken foe of gay rights and abortion — and niece of slain civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. She will speak Saturday at Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally on the Mall, which falls on the 47th anniversary of her late uncle’s March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Recent appearances on Beck’s Fox News show have catapulted King into the conservative limelight, and she has compared Tea Partiers to civil rights marchers, “speaking out with courage and conviction peacefully for what is right.” Her statements have garnered her increasing press attention, and she was even included by Keith Olbermann in a recent “Worst Persons in the World” segment for calling gay marriage “genocide.” MORE

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