BLONDEGATE: Ed Has No One To Blame But Ed

rendell-shoots-foot.jpgDAILY NEWS: He said he brings Snow to fundraisers to add “pizzazz” – in EdWorld, a compliment; in the real world, an insult to professional women and akin to calling Snow eye candy. He said that rumors about him are unfair to attractive women, inexplicably adding, “I should go out and find an unattractive woman to have an affair with.” What’s that supposed to mean? New hope for unattractive women? His comment that he gets “hit on by women all the time” I’ll let stand, except to note that the last time I heard talk like that was in a locker room in high school. This is not Bill Clinton with a 21-year-old intern, or Eliot Spitzer with a high-priced call girl, or Mark Sanford using state resources to “hike the Appalachian Trail.” No one I’m aware of questions Snow’s job performance. No one alleges misuse of state funds. But no one who knows Rendell is the least bit surprised by this latest “friendship” or rumors attending it. And, Ed, you know why. MORE

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