MEDIA: Turns Out Philadelphia Magazine Story Both Promotes And Dispels Rendell Mistress Rumors

rendell-shoots-foot-cropped.jpgASSOCIATED PRESS: Governor Ed Rendell says rumors that have been circulating about an extramarital affair are not true. In an advance copy of the Philadelphia magazine article obtained by The Associated Press, the governor and the former beauty queen who works for him say in interviews that they are not romantically involved. MORE

PHILLY CLOUT: The July edition of Philadelphia Magazine is hot off the presses with a story on the long-running rumors about Gov. Rendell and Dr. Kirstin Snow, the director of Commonwealth Media Services who was Miss Pennsylvania in 1994 and Mrs. Pennsylvania in 2005.  It’s not quite a tell-all, since the only people willing to be interviewed for the record about rumors of an affair were Rendell and Snow.  And they both deny it. MORE

PREVIOUSLY: Soon-To-Publish Philly Mag Story Rumored To Dispel Talk Of Rendell Hanky Panky, Not Confirm It

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