TONITE: Go Lightly

Holly Golightly and The Broke Offs
“Holly started her musical career as a co-founder member of all girl garage band Thee Headcoatees, who were Thee Headcoats splinter group in 1991. Holly made her first solo album, The Good Things, in 1995. Although often connected with garage rock, Holly’s music is more a mixture of pre-rock electric country blues, folk and less frantic rock & roll. It brings to mind a bourbon soaked honky tonk bar, evenings on a dusty front porch with your faithful hound, cracked hearts and foot stomping good times. She creates a world all of her own, one that’s warm hearted, true to it’s roots and not swayed by fads and fashions.”

Invisible Friends
Ex. Mem of Dark Horse and The Carousels

The Midnight Beat
Female Fronted Garage Rock from Philly!

DJ Nattie Ice
Punk+Garage+Rock n Roll

Wednesday, Jun 9th / 8pm @ M Room
15 W. Girard Ave.
$10 / 21+

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