KITCHEN BITCH: Let’s Make Beautiful Pasta Together


kitchen-bitch2.thumbnail.jpgBY MAVIS LINNEMANN Over Memorial Day weekend, I had the opportunity to cook with some of my favorite kitchen bitches—my sister Paige and my friends Emily and Lauren. With so many sous chefs, I knew I could make a really stellar meal for all the family and friends joining us for the holiday. In my head, there was only thing we could make that would celebrate both the warm weather and the joy of being with family: homemade pasta. Why in the world would you make pasta when you can buy a box for 99 cents? Because it’s a fun and tasty way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your friends, and because you can’t help but feel like you’re in Italy when you’re munching on soft, supple noodles lovingly coated in a light cheesy sauce and dimpled with crisp green vegetables. Can you taste the difference between the fresh and dried? Absolutely. There’s an egg-y goodness to fresh pasta that no dried pasta, no matter how expensive, could ever match. Also, there’s just something extremely satisfying about kneading the dough, rolling it out,  and watching it transform from flour and eggs to beautiful golden noodles. MORE

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