KITCHEN BITCH: Artichoking On Mother’s Day


kitchen-bitch2.thumbnail.jpgBY MAVIS LINNEMANN No mommy hang-ups here. I love my mother, even when she does take on that Joan Crawford-like persona. Most of the time, though, she’s a real peach. Unfortunately, I won’t be making her a mother’s day feast this year. I will, however, be cooking for my friend Emily’s family, and I wanted to make something really special, something that just screams spring, so I stepped into my kitchen to test out possible recipes. There’s one vegetable that’s earthy and bright at the same time, that has the ability to stand on its own and blend in with the group. It’s the one vegetable I’ve avoided in fresh form at all cost, and one of the most intimidating thistles you’ll ever see: the artichoke. For years now I’ve been afraid of the artichoke, afraid of its giant globular structure, protective leaves and bristly choke. But when I saw Michael Chiarello make his Braised Artichokes Over Pasta, I knew it was time for me to put aside my fears and start cooking. For the record, this is one of the best pasta dishes I’ve made in a long time—and I make A LOT of pasta, believe me. MORE

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