SPORTO: Goodbye Donovan


sportsguycroppedthumbnail.jpgBY MIKE WOLVERTON SPORTS GUY The Redskins? You’re shitting me, right? The Redskins?!? I’m blown away that the Eagles would trade Donovan McNabb to a place where he can shove it up their ass twice a season. And help a division opponent at the same time. There are only two possible explanations; the first is that the Eagles think McNabb’s skills have eroded to the point that he will hurt the Redskins instead of help them. I reject that idea. That must mean the other explanation is true, that the Skins made an offer significantly better than anyone else. This is plausible because it has been Washington’s modus operandi under Dan Snyder, overspend and overpay. Even if it was the best offer, the Eagles decision-makers must have swallowed awfully hard before shipping Donovan to the hated Redskins.

Offloading the best quarterback in team history has been debated all offseason, and maybe it is the right thing to do. I will say that the media frenzy to dump Donovan and turn the keys over to Kevin Kolb is based on TWO Kolb starts in 2009, in one of which the Eagles got blown out by New Orleans (he beat the lowly Chiefs in the other). The perception is that Donovan Can’t Win The Big One, and it’s true that the Birds are 1-4 in NFC Championship Games behind McNabb. But maybe he was guiding flawed teams that wouldn’t have gotten a sniff of the NFC Finals without him. For most of McNabb’s career the Eagles failed to provide him with talent at the wide receiver position, and he excelled anyway. Now the Eagles are finally loaded with young talent at receiver, and McNabb wont be around to enjoy it.


I love Donovan. I was getting used to the idea of cheering for both the Eagles and the Raiders (McNabb’s rumored destination). Now I’m screwed. I can’t possibly cheer for Washington. But I’ll cheer against them a little less than usual. Goodbye Donovan. I’ll miss you. Eagles fans will miss you before too long, when they realize what they had. And Andy Reid will miss you the most, because of all the criticism you absorbed. With McNabb gone, the anger and venom of the typical Eagles fan is headed straight for the head coach.

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