THIS JUST IN: Broken Bells At The E-Factory 6/6

NASTY LITTLE MAN: In the wake of their new band’s self titled Columbia Records debut charting at #7 and selling just shy of 50,000 in its first week (and reaching as high as #1 on iTunes), James Mercer and Brian Burton a/k/a Danger Mouse have confirmed Broken Bells first ever tour. In addition to being the year’s highest charting debut album by an alternative/rock band, Broken Bells’ has met with an insanely and unanimously positive critical receptionThe mere handful of shows the band has played to date have fared likewise, selling out as quickly as tickets could be processed, and dazzling crowds in Los Angeles, New York, and most recently Austin. Witnessing one of these first few performances, US Weekly likened the Broken Bells live experience to “being at a cozy, intimate underground basement party somewhere in Northern California with the best art rock band on the coast providing the soundtrack.”

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