COMCASTIC: 700 Level Swallowed By Evil Empire

comcast-is-evil.jpgINQUIRER: The Philly-centric sports blog The 700 Level and Comcast SportsNet and its are partners. As the blog announced this morning: The blog “will retain editorial independence, while tapping into the unique access, technology, and resources of Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia.” “Plus, we get to call Philly sports gurus like Jim Salisbury, Tim Panaccio, and Ray Didinger co-workers. Ray Diddy!” This will be a boon for Enrico Campitelli of Media, who finished his MBA from George Washington University recently and had been running the site from home. Campitelli will become a Comcast employee, and in addition to the salary and Xfinity benefits, he will obtain access to the pro teams, which seldom give credentials to bloggers. MORE

RELATED: Well, now we know how NBC’s “30 Rock” is going to deal with the sale of the network it regularly parodies.And it’s, er, Comcast-ic. Or, perhaps, Kabletown-istic, since Kabletown’s the moniker that the writers – including Upper Darby’s Tina Fey, the show’s star and creator – have apparently decided to apply to the Philadelphia-based behemoth that’s in the process of acquiring 51 percent of her network. “My parents have Kabletown down in Pennsylvania. It’s a fine and generous company,” Fey’s Liz Lemon told her distraught boss, Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin) last week after he revealed that the fictional Sheinhardt Wig Co. was selling NBC to a cable company based in Philadelphia. Judging by the tenor of Jack’s initial reaction to the deal, Philadelphia should expect to take at least as many shots as NBC’s new owners. Already he’s likened the acquisition of a New York-based company by a Philly one to “Vietnam defeating the United States in a ground war.” MORE

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