HISTORY OF VIOLENCE: Beaten, Bullet-Riddled Corpses Of Couple Dug Up In Camden Backyard


INQUIRER: On a Sunday afternoon just over a week ago, Muriah Ashley Huff bumped into two friends on the platform of NJ Transit’s River Line station in Palmyra. Huff, 18, longed to get her driving permit, and was bound for Camden to see her boyfriend, Mike, recalled Nicole Bass and Vivian Richardson. That was the last the two saw of the bubbly cosmetology student. Four days later, on Thursday, Huff’s beaten and strangled body was found buried in the backyard of a South Camden home, said the Camden County Prosecutor’s Office. The body of Michael Hawkins, who was dating Huff, was found buried in the same yard of a house in the 500 block of Berkley Street, officials said. Hawkins had been beaten and shot multiple times. MORE

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