NEVER LEAVE A MAN BEHIND: Thieves Steal $50,000 Worth Of Jewelry, Leave Behind 4-Year-Old Son


INQUIRER: John Benson and Sheakia Stubbs wanted to look like legitimate shoppers last weekend when they walked into a South Street jewelry store they planned to rob, police said. They decided the best way to complete the ruse was to bring along their 4-year-old son. But with $50,000 in stolen rings stuffed into a shopping bag, and the store owner and an employee giving chase, police said, the couple abandoned their child to make their escape. When police caught up with the suspects at a Roosevelt Boulevard motel just after midnight, Benson and Stubbs didn’t seem too concerned about the boy. “They didn’t ask us anything about the son,” said Police Officer Scott Brous, one of the arresting officers. The boy, who was not harmed, was in the custody of the city Department of Human Services. His parents face charges of attempted murder, robbery, conspiracy, and a host of other crimes. MORE

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