Limbaugh Rushed To Hospital With Chest Pains

rush_limbaugh.jpgWASHINGTON POST: HONOLULU — Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was brought by ambulance to a hospital here on Wednesday after experiencing chest pains, according to a local television station. Limbaugh has been staying a short distance from the Obamas, at the Kahala Hotel & Resort, according to local news accounts. The conservative radio host was spotted on a golf course next to his hotel earlier in the week. KITV reported that Limbaugh was taken Wednesday afternoon from the resort in serious condition and transported him to the Queens Medical Center in Honolulu. MORE

BUSINESS WEEK: Rush Limbaugh, the conservative U.S. talk radio host, is “resting comfortably” in a Honolulu hospital after suffering chest pains, his program said in a statement. Limbaugh, whose show is heard on about 600 radio stations, was admitted to the hospital yesterday, according to the statement. He “appreciates your prayers and well wishes,” it said. Paramedics took Limbaugh, 58, to Queen’s Medical Center after responding to a 2:41 p.m. call at the Kahala Hotel and Resort, the Honolulu-based television station KITV said on its Web site. He was sitting in a chair in his ninth-floor hotel room when emergency crews arrived and told them he was taking medication for a back problem, the station said. MORE

UPDATE: “As I entered, Rush was standing holding his chest, red face, sweating, all the makings of a heart attack,” Rogers wrote. “I said, ‘Oh my God,’ and sat him down telling him the ambulance is on the way. Within minutes the hotel managers and security team were in the room. The pain was worsening and the scene was extremely scary. I kept reassuring Rush that the ambulance was on the way. The (hotel) security staff . . . put Rush on the floor and gave him an aspirin. His symptoms continued to escalate and we were all very scared. The paramedics arrived and began to evaluate Rush on the floor. He was administered nitro(glycerin) and we were rushed to Queen’s Medical Center.” MORE

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