Judge Sentences ‘Balloon Boy’ Parents To Jail Time


ABC NEWS: Today, Larimer County, Colo., Court Judge Stephen Schapanski sentenced the couple behind one of the year’s biggest media stunts to a total of 110 days jail and eight years probation. He also prohibited the couple from making any money off the balloon boy fiasco during that time. Schapanski stated that Richard Heene must spend 30 days in jail beginning Jan. 11, 2010. The remaining 60 days of his 90-day sentence may be carried out under “work release,” meaning he can work during the day and spend nights in prison.”This will be supervised probation,” Schapanski said about that part of the sentence. “The terms and conditions will be that Mr. Heene is  in fact prohibited from receiving any form of financial benefit — whether it be media, a book, an article he writes — anything of that kind that stems from this incident.” MORE

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