Police Uncharacteristically Mum About Predator Cop


DAILY NEWS: He met the girl whom he is accused of later victimizing in 1995 at the Olney Recreation Center, where he was teaching karate to youngsters. She was 10. He spent the next two years befriending her and her family, gaining their trust and, quietly, laying a trap, court documents allege. After the first two alleged assaults in the van in 1997, Wiggins began routinely taking his young victim out for car rides, court documents indicate. Some ended back in Fairmount Park, others at his house on Chew Avenue near Front Street in Olney. But all of the trips resulted in further sexual abuse that worsened with time, according to court documents. When the girl was 14, the documents allege, Wiggins forced her to perform oral sex on him. Two years later, he began anally raping her, according to the documents. By the time she was 20, Wiggins had turned violent and was punching and slapping her, the documents allege. Eventually, the young woman broke down and confided in a friend. On Aug. 7, 2007, she finally spilled the details to Internal Affairs investigators. Some time after the investigation started, the victim decided to join the Philadelphia Police Department, police sources said. On the day of his arrest, he reacted calmly when he was told to report to Internal Affairs’ Northeast Philadelphia headquarters, sources said. MOREeye2.png

TANGENTIALLY RELATED: A Pakistani court has ordered that two men have their ears and noses cut off, as punishment for doing the same to a woman who refused to marry one of them. The two brothers were found guilty of kidnapping 20-year-old Fazeelat Bibi, one of their cousins, in September. The judge in Lahore also sentenced them to life in prison and a fine of $2,000. Sentence was passed on Monday under a rarely invoked Islamic law dating from the 1980s. In the past similar sentences have been revoked on appeal. Government prosecutor Ehtisham Qadir said the punishment had been awarded in accordance with the Islamic principle of “an eye for an eye.” MORE

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