Eagles Fans + Snow = Fire + Gasoline


GONZO: Before the game, I was talking to one of the Eagles’ front office employees. She was saying what a good job the Lincoln Financial Field workers did removing the huge mounds of snow from the stands. She was right. It took 45 minutes to help shovel my friend’s car out yesterday. Imagine how hard it was to clear a 67,000-seat stadium. But despite the valiant effort, they couldn’t get it all. There was still plenty left over when the gates opened and the fans trickled in. The first snowball was launched from the upper deck at 2:46 p.m. It almost reached the field. That was the opening salvo in what became the East Coast’s largest intramural snowball brawl. Around 6:45 – while the Eagles were holding off the 49ers and the game bled into the fourth quarter – snowball fights broke out in the south end zone. Before long, it seemed as though the entire stadium was engaged in the activity. Some people stood and watched or took cover. Lots of others gleefully participated, and white projectiles began flying from all over – the second blizzard in as many days, though this one was man-made. “I’m surprised it’s taken this long,” Fox color analyst Daryl Johnston deadpanned. That makes two of us, Moose. MORE

RELATED: The Eagles are in the playoffs, but they won’t be for long if they play the way they did yesterday in the bone-chilling cold at Lincoln Financial Field. Thanks to the Dallas Cowboys’ win Saturday night in New Orleans, all the Eagles needed to do was win and they were in the postseason for the eighth time in coach Andy Reid’s 11 seasons as head coach. That mission was accomplished with a 27-13 victory over the San Francisco 49ers that allowed the Eagles, 10-4, to remain a game ahead of the second-place Cowboys in the NFC East. Impressive it wasn’t. MORE

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