WORTH REPEATING: Bring Back Barkley, Too

GONZO: The Sixers need something to keep the fans interested while simultaneously distracting them from a team that has just six sad wins and the fourth-worst attendance in the NBA. They need a big personality to get the city talking about pro hoops again. They need to make a bold move. They need to hire Charles Barkley. A few months ago, Barkley told the Boston Globe he’d like to become a general manager. It’s Charles, so you have to wonder how sincere he was when he made that statement. In the past, he has said he’d like to become a lot of things when he grows up, among them the governor of Alabama and a professional golfer, but it’s still an intriguing notion. “It’s time for me to be a general manager,” he told the Globe. “I think everybody around me knows it’s time for me to take a different challenge. . . . I need to grow as a person, and it’s time for me. And certainly I can do a better job than some of these guys have been doing.” As the old Latin saying goes, “In Barkley veritas.” The idea of hiring Charles as the Sixers’ GM feels right – like finding those old parachute pants in the back of your closet and slipping them on for a little impromptu Hammer Time. It’s not as if anyone’s watching, anyway. MORE

RELATED: 76ers guard Allen Iverson will miss tonight’s game against the Celtics and will not travel with the team to Boston, after an MRI exam yesterday revealed arthritis in his left knee and a contusion on his left shoulder.

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