Public Option In Critical Condition After Car Crash


PHAWKER: Last night the Public Option crashed its car into a tree and a fire hydrant at the end of its driveway. Reportedly the Public Option was being chased by his wife wielding a golf club, enraged by the Public Option’s extramarital affairs. At last count, 59 U. S. Senators have come forward to say they have been having an affair with the Public Option. So far, the Public Option’s sponsors all say they will continue to offer their unconditional support to bill_2.jpgthe Public Option and his family — of 120 million Americans it would have covered — during this difficult time.

RELATED: Senate Democrats reached what Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., called a “broad agreement” Tuesday night that could break the yearlong deadlock over the so-called public option and remove a major obstacle to passage of the massive health care bill. Reid and other lawmakers involved in the negotiations declined to provide details of the compromise, and the majority leader told reporters that news accounts that the government-run “public option” had been dropped were “not true.” But under the compromise developed by a group of conservative and liberal Democrats, the health care bill would no longer include a new government-run program for Americans who do not get their coverage through their employer. Instead, the government would essentially contract with a nonprofit insurer to provide a nationwide plan that would serve as the “public option,” according to officials briefed on the discussions.  Low- and moderate-income Americans who select this plan in a new insurance exchange would qualify for subsidies. MORE

RELATED: The news out of Washington Tuesday night is that the public option for health care is dead. A cynical hats off to Sen. Joe Lieberman. Thanks to weak-willed Democrats, Lieberman now is the toast of the Republican Party and all other opponents of needed reform. On Tuesday Lieberman said he was leaning toward backing an insurance program regulated by the government but then run by private insurance companies. In other words, insurance companies would still be allowed to continue ripping off American consumers. MORE

PHAWKER: Shame on you Joe Lieberman. May God have mercy on your soul.

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