TONITE: Stay Golden, Ponyboy

[Video: Goldspot – Time Bomb]

BY PHILLYGRRL “Today is Friday, it is my day to do what I want” is the opening line in the song “Friday,” sung by Goldspot, a Los Angeles-based band founded by singer/songwriter (and UPenn alum) Siddhartha Khosla. I’ve played that song every Friday since I first heard it back in August and today is no exception (He also does a Hindi version, if you’re so inclined.) And what do you know? Today is a Friday and all I want to do is go down to World Café Live tonight and watch Goldspot perform songs from their new album, And the Elephant is Dancing. The album sound? Retro-Bollywood meets The Beatles. If you haven’t already, check out “Emily” and “Rewind” on their MySpace page. Also “Call Center Girl.” Oh, heck. Listen to all of their songs. They’re equally addictive. Tonight’s show also features The Swimmers, a Philadelphia-based band who just released their second album, People Are Soft. The Swimmers have come a long way from their days at Goshen College, the small Mennonite school where Steve Yutzy-Burkey, guitar player and lead vocalist for the band first met Krista Yutzy-Burkey, keyboard player and Rick Sieber, now the Swimmers’ bassist. After playing together at student events throughout their college years, the gang met drummer Scott French in Philadelphia and released their first album in 2008, Fighting Trees, under Drexel University’s MAD Dragon Record label. You may remember them from their song, “Heaven,” where they rolled a piano up and down the streets of Philadelphia while singing about Lancaster. Bollywood + Mennonites + Philadelphia = Kismet. For more information about the show, or to buy tickets, click here.

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