VICTED: Two Touring Bands In One Week Ripped Off


INQUIRER: Two bands got the same nasty welcome when they passed through Philadelphia over the past week: Members awoke to find the trailers carrying their instruments and equipment had vanished. The thefts happened in the parking lot of the Holiday Inn at 900 Packer Ave., where bands Kill Hannah and Mae stayed during stops on their respective tours. Mat Devine, lead singer of the Chicago-based Kill Hannah, said the group’s van and 14-foot trailer were parked “five feet from the front door” when they were stolen Wednesday. “We’re devastated and speechless,” Devine said. “We’ve been touring so hard around the world for the past seven years, and this is the most evil thing we’ve witnessed.” The van and trailer were recovered by police yesterday, said Capt. Laurence Nodiff of the South Detective Division. Nothing was inside. MORE

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