CHEEKY: ‘Twilight’ Star Goes Lady Godiva For PETA

peta_ad.jpgHOLLYWOOD CRUSH: “The Twilight Saga” human Christian Serratos is a supporter of animal rights. You might have known that — I didn’t particularly — but now everyone will be aware of Christian’s cause. The young actress posted her ad for PETA on her Twitter account this afternoon, and her advocacy was a bit more revealing than we would have expected. “I’d rather go naked than wear fur,” the ad proclaims in some very “Twilight”-esque font. The photo is set in the woods (a la Forks, Wash., obvs) and even has same color scheme “New Moon” has had in advertising (to see the full image, head over to Peta’s site). But somehow we think it’s the actresses naked body that is going to be catching eyes with this ad. “Don’t eat them…Don’t wear them. : )” Christian asked her Twitter followers when she posted the picture. No news yet on when or where the ad will run, but we’re interested to see if the racy aspect of the photo and it’s close proximity to the release of “New Moon” will get PETA the attention they are trying to get for animal rights. MORE



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