TONITE: New Ceremony For Old Skin


I’M YOUR FAN: Leonard Cohen on bended knee, Academy of Music, 5/12/09 [Photo by MICHAEL T. REGAN]

NOTICE: Leonard Cohen’s October 22nd concert has been moved from the originally scheduled Wachovia Spectrum to the more intimate Tower Theater.  Tower Theater offers fans a special opportunity to get up close and experience Leonard Cohen in a more personal setting, while enjoying the emotive and superbly crafted concert engagement that the acclaimed singer/songwriter/poet has been performing in venues of all sizes worldwide this year. All tickets will be honored with a comparable seat. Fans simply need to bring their Wachovia Spectrum tickets to the Tower Theater on October 22nd their seats will be honored.

leonard_cohen.jpgPREVIOUSLY: For the next three hours, he dispenses what amount to be prayers and we will need them where we are going. For he has seen the future, baby, and it is murder. Everybody knows the war is over, everybody knows the good guys lost. Everybody knows the rich have got their channels in the bedrooms of the poor.  And, he says, there is a mighty judgment coming, though he might be wrong. But this much is true: we may be ugly, he insists, but we have the music. Because everybody knows the rich write history, but the poor write the songs. His mind is still sharp as a razor blade and he remembers them all: the one who gave him head in an unmade bed, the sisters of mercy with dew on their hem,  the one in the famous blue raincoat who was gonna go ‘clear,’ the bird on a wire, the drunk in the midnight choir. All of them, the Great Man included, have tried in their own way, to be free. MORE

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