John Hodgman Is NOT A PC, He Just Plays One On TV


PHAWKER: So just to be up front, your new book, More Information Than You Require, just showed up this morning, so I have barely even skimmed it. But my favorite endorsement is from Justin Long, the guy who plays the Mac dude in your Apple commercials, who says “I love this book so much I almost read it!” But seeing as how I am completely unprepared to discuss your book, we will have to do this on the honor system. Is your book any good?

JOHN HODGMAN: I think my book is ‘any good’, yes. I would categorize it as ‘any good.’ And the good thing jhodgman_hires_creditjancobb_1_1.jpgabout buying it is that it then frees you from the obligation of actually reading it.

PHAWKER: What is the one fatal flaw, that if people knew, they would never buy the book in a million years? Please be honest.

JOHN HODGMAN: When talking about Buffy The Vampire Slayer I refer to episode # 232. Well, it turns out there is no episode #232. They only made 144 episodes of Buffy. I am embarrassed to be hoisted by my own petard. In all seriousness, it really, really bugs me that I never bothered to check that.

PHAWKER: As a lifelong dispenser of dubious knowledge,  do you ever get tired of being wrong?

JOHN HODGMAN: [chuckles] No.

PHAWKER: I am assuming you voted for Obama, so my question for you is: Why do you hate America so much?

JOHN HODGMAN: I realize you are kidding, but I cannot even answer that as a joke. The idea of there being varying levels of true American-ness, that some in this country are authentic Americans and some are not, is so enraging. It offends me deeply.

PHAWKER: I hear ya, dawg.


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