GUNCRAZY: Glock-Packing Soccer Mom Shot Dead

glockmomkid_1.jpgINQUIRER: Meleanie Hain, the soccer mom who openly sported a holstered Glock 26 at a daughter’s games, and her husband, Scott, were found dead of gunshot wounds last night at their Lebanon, Pa., home, according to police. “Some media outlets have gone to the stretch of calling it a murder-suicide,” said Chief Daniel Wright. “The coroner’s office and the police are calling it a death investigation.” Police believe no one else was involved, however, Wright said. “Daddy shot Mommy!” was yelled by children running from the Hain house early last evening, neighbors told the Lebanon Daily News. The Hains’ three children — a boy 10, and girls 2 and 6 — were uninjured and are staying with friends and relatives, police said. Meleanie Hain and her gun-toting ways came to national attention last year, when she filed a federal lawsuit against Lebanon County and Sheriff Mike DeLeo for revoking her gun permit. He did so after parents complained about her wearing the Glock at her 5-year-old daughter’s Sept. 11, 2008, game. MOREgunfiring.gif

PREVIOUSLY: Sharon Gregg-Bolognese, the president of the Central Pennsylvania Youth Soccer League, has been getting an earful from parents and coaches who are worried that people will start packing pistols to their children’s soccer games. In a case that gained national attention, a Lebanon County judge ruled Tuesday that Meleanie Hain should get back her concealed-gun permit, which the county sheriff revoked after Hain openly carried a gun to her 5-year-old daughter’s soccer game. MORE

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