Dugard Kidnapping Case Grows Ever More Bizarre; Dead Prostitutes, Meth-Fueled Backyard Orgies


DAILY MAIL: Detectives began digging up the gardens of kidnapper Phillip Garrido and his next-door neighbour yesterday amid fears that they are dealing with a serial killer. Possible links are being examined between up to ten murdered prostitutes and the monster who kept Jaycee Lee Dugard in a back-garden prison for 18 years. Police believe Garrido might also have killed 15-year-old schoolgirl Lisa Norrell, whose body was discovered in 1998 dumped in a remote industrial area close to where he used to work. MORE

DAILY MAIL: After work each night, builder Mike Rogers liked to sit on his porch in Antioch, recover from the sweltering heat of the day and relax. But not when ‘Creepy Phil’ was having one of his strange parties. The next-door neighbour was a wild-eyed ‘crazy’ with tents in his garden, odd male guests and a penchant for making the deadly drug crystal meth using household utensils. And, we now know, the kidnapper of Jaycee Lee Dugard. […] For with dugard_jaycee2.jpgFBI agents now digging-up Creepy Phil’s backyard and exploring his neighbour’s property, Mr Rogers shudders at the memory of the sounds he heard when it was ‘party time’ next door. Mr Rogers says ‘perverts’ in the area were regularly invited over by Garrido for sex, beer and drug parties and that the Garrido home was, in effect, being used as a brothel. He watched groups of men arriving at the house on hot summer nights. They carried crates of beer. Mainly of Mexican appearance, they lit bonfires, played music and shouted and laughed late into the night. They also took it in turns to enter a tent erected amid the junk in Garrido’s backyard. ‘I saw them entering the tent one by one,’ he says. ‘I saw them bobbing up and down and I thought, “My God, there is something sexual going on in there.” MORE

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