AMANDA BLANK: Might Like You Better

PITCHFORK: In Romeo Void’s hands, the line “I might like you better if we slept together” is a casual diss as much as a come on, and it’s delivered with a detached, arch wit, making it a subversive punch line within a dark post-punk song. With Blank, it’s the whole song, one idea– Blank is horny–stretched well past its breaking point. Crazy thing is Blank’s song is less danceable, less subversive, far lighter, more PG, and just flat out more boring than Romeo Void’s. She doesn’t sound sexy, she sounds like she’s going through the motions. MORE

NEW YORK MAGAZINE: Amanda Blank first made a name for herself on Spank Rock’s 2006 hit “Bump” with astonishing boasts (“My rhymes are painful and fresh/My pussy’s tastin’ the best”). Blank is a white girl from the burbs who dresses, talks, and raps like Foxy Brown. She comes from the same tight-knit Philly hip-hop scene that nurtured Spank Rock and Diplo, both of whom get producing credit on I Love You, Blank’s just-released debut. She has opened for Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Matt & Kim, easily shifting from urban rapper to hipster. This has led some in the indie-rock press to dismiss her as a Peaches rip-off. “Peaches is a huge influence,” she acknowledges. “Just like Missy Elliott is. But I don’t get those comparisons because I’m not black. I’m just like, ‘Fuck you, 4-year-old white kid-writers, go cry to a Dinosaur Jr. album.’” MORE

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