CONTEST: Win Tix 2 See My Bloody Valentine At APW


Time for round two of our All Points West tix giveaway contest. These tix are for Day Two of APW, aka Saturday August 1st, and although Tool are the official headliner (along with Gogol Bordello, Ting Tings, Arctic Monkeys, Neko Case and Chairlift) in our estimation the real reason to be there that day is My Bloody Valentine. We can still remember where we were they day we heard Kennedy got shot: In our bedroom, listening to MBV’s Loveless, tripping our tits off. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Anyway, a pair of tickets for Day Two of APW goes to the first Phawker reader that can correctly answer the following MBV trivia question: What is the name of the record label that My Bloody Valentine almost bankrupted during the epic and massively-costly making of Loveless? Send your answer to along with your phone number. Good luck and godspeed.

From the Fuji Rock Festival 7/25/08. Play loud. No, LOUDER!

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