Black Officer’s Association Sues The Philadelphia Police Department Over ‘Blatantly Racist’ Web Site


INQUIRER: An association of black police officers has sued the Philadelphia Police Department in federal court for allowing its officers to post “blatantly racist . . . and offensive” content on a popular Web site devoted to law enforcement topics. The suit, filed Wednesday, says, which bills itself as “the voice of the good guys,” was founded by a Philadelphia police sergeant who uses the screen name “McQ” and “encourages the racially offensive conduct.”

The Guardian Civic League also sued McQ and the 10-year-old Web site, a forum where officers discuss crime news, police gossip, current events and other topics, often in profane and humorous rants. Guardian Civic League attorney Brian Mildenberg said that black officers had long reviled the site and that complaints had been been dl_header_sized6.jpglodged with current and past police administrations to no avail.

Even the word domelights, which normally refers to the police lights on top of cruisers, has taken on an “insulting connotation” among black officers, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit cites several posts, including one showing slain white officers next to black suspects and the headline “Guns Don’t Kill People, Dangerous Minorities Do.” Mildenberg said white officers post and moderate the forums while on duty and on department computers, creating “a racially hostile environment.” “It’s the same thing as you can’t hang racist material in the workplace,” he said. MORE

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