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The Rosenbach Museum & Library Celebrates
17th Annual BLOOMSDAY, June 16, Noon – 7 p.m.

PHILADELPHIA — The Rosenbach Museum & Library will celebrate its 17th annual Bloomsday on Tuesday, June 16th from noon – 7 p.m. The Rosenbach, home of James Joyce’s original manuscript for Ulysses, holds this Philadelphia tradition every year on June 16th, drawing hundreds of friends, neighbors, Joyce enthusiasts, book-lovers, and curious passersby to Delancey Place. Along with other Bloomsday events during the month of June, the Rosenbach will also present Money Matters, a special exhibition exploring Ulysses and the economy. Bloomsday itself is free and open to the public and is held as an open air festival in front of 2008-2010 Delancey Place. For more information, call (215) 732-1600 or visit www.rosenbach.org. [A fact sheet and schedule of events follows below.]

Every year, the Rosenbach joins with Joyce lovers throughout the world to celebrate Bloomsday, the day on which protagonist Leopold Bloom made his fictional odyssey through Dublin in Ulysses. Joyce’s Bloom, a modern everyman hero, is a wanderer in his own city, in exile from his own home.

Bloomsday features public readings on the steps of the museum from some of the city’s most interesting business, creative, and media personalities, along with a special exhibition of Joyce materials. The Honorable Lynne Abraham, Philadelphia District Attorney, is among the list of nearly 75 local notables reading this epic work of fiction. This year’s readers include:

The Honorable Lynne Abraham (Philadelphia District Attorney)

Dave Burrell (Composer, Pianist and Steinway Artist)

Andrew Cassell (Editor in Chief, Moody’s Economy.com)

Ann Ewers (President & CEO, Kimmel Center) 

Ken Kalfus (author of A Disorder Peculiar to the Country)

Drucie McDaniel (Actress… as Molly Bloom)

Greg Moore (Moore Brothers Wine Company)

Marty Moss-Coane (host of WHYY’s Radio Times)

John A Paulos (Author, columnist for ABCNews.com, Professor of Mathematics at Temple University)

Albert E. Piscopo (President, Glenmede Trust Company) 

Marco Roth (Editor and Publisher of the literary journal N+1)

Kathy Sachs (Co-Curator, Cezanne and Beyond, Philadelphia Museum of Art)

Inga Saffron (Architecture Critic, Philadelphia Inquirer)

Susan Sherman (President, Independence Foundation) 

Wayne Spilove (Chairman, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission)

Wendy Warren (Editor, Philly.com)

Lord Whimsy (author of The Affected Provincial’s Companion Volume One)

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