Sometimes Good Things DO Happen To Good People


As you may have heard, Woodshop Films/Scrapple TV founder Marc Brodzik, our partner in New Media crime, has been awarded a Pew Grant for media art. We could not be more proud or horny. For those unfamiliar with the Big Man, here’s his Pew bio:

Marc Brodzik, media arts
Born 1967

Marc Brodzik is a documentary filmmaker interested in filming portraits of the common man.  In a recent documentary he focuses on small family owned coal mines and the struggles they face to stay in business in today’s market dominated by large corporations. His work has been screened at the Philadelphia Festival of Independence, the Annapolis Film Festival, MD., the Philadelphia Film Festival, and the Waterfront Festival, Saugatuck, Mich. Brodzik received his Associates Degree in Illustration and Advertising from the Philadelphia Art Institute.


On a related note, here’s a special report from the Good News Flower Hour called WHO’S AFRAID OF BILL AYERS. Enjoy.

The Good News Flower Hour #24

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