133 N 3rd St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 928-1311

BY LAURA YACOE As much as I love browsing in the boutiques of Second and Third Street, that $350 dress on sale for $250 won’t be owned by me anytime soon. The customary lap around the store before slipping out is second nature because, I know from experience, my minimal post-undergrad funds are in danger of extinction if I step into the dressing room. But at Lost + Found, my nest egg actually stand a chance and I don’t have to mentally slap my wrist with every item I pick up. With a collection of effortlessly chic clothing and accessories for men and women at awesome price points, it’s no surprise that this mother-daughter-owned boutique radiates cool. For five years now, Sandy and Jenny Martin have filled the former gallery with all the necessary buys for the no-fuss fashion crowd.The family powerhouse is big on fashion that’s not too pricey and not too trendy. (Sorry, acid wash denim.) They stick to the basics with a little extra something like Fedora straw hats for the guys by the Goorin Brothers ($40-50) and basic cotton tees with colorful graphic designs by Heavy Rotation ($20). Plus, the cases of intricately crafted jewelry like neon lightweight aluminum earrings from California’s Brightman Jewelry can be the perfect addition for an outfit. Big on supporting small businesses while offering affordable stylish finds, the boutique carries the printed tee-shirts from Shep Fairey’s Obey along with a generous collection of revitalized vintage pieces that can easily be mixed with the new. Sticking to the essentials is a mantra that the rest of the world is trying on, and Lost + Found has it perfected with a no fuss and laid back outlook on fashion. By keeping it cool and not getting wrapped in the trends of today or tomorrow, Lost & Found has legit staying power.

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