JUDAS PRIEST: Cardinal’s Altar Boy Files Abuse Suit


DAILY NEWS: A former altar boy for the late Cardinal John Krol filed a lawsuit yesterday alleging that he was sexually abused by two priests in the 1970s. The lawsuit makes no allegation of sexual misconduct by the Philadelphia archbishop, who died in 1996, but does contend that Krol blithely ignored the accusations. Lawyers for Steven B. Souder, 47, of Philadelphia, filed the suit in Asheville, N.C., against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the diocese of Charlotte, N.C., and a now-retired Philadelphia priest. According to the lawsuit, which seeks damages for emotional and physical abuse, Souder was a student at Roman Catholic High School and an altar boy for Krol when he met three men who sexually abused him: Father John McCole of Philadelphia, who is now retired; Father Justin Pechulis, of Asheville, now deceased; and an unidentified man. The complaint alleges that McCole and Pechulis forced Souder to engage in group oral sex with them while the unidentified man masturbated nearby. MORE

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