Ye Olde Old Media Vs. New Media Debate

stevevolkpenis.jpgSTEVE VOLK: The problem is getting “young people” to read newspapers — either in print or online — and personally, it’s not my experience that, as Doctor suggests, we need the brightest minds of the Harvard Crimson to “reinvent journalism” in order to make that happen. I happen to work in a town, Philadelphia, overrun by bloggers. The reinvention of journalism is happening all around us here, where Will Bunch of the Daily News continues to be the hardest-working man in show business, writing a book, stories for his paper, and a blog, Attytood, that makes me feel part of a citywide conversation every morning; where Atrios influences the thinking of the politically-minded both here and across the country; and where two blogs, Philebrity and Phawker, compete for the coveted audience of “young people” that once belonged to alt weeklies. MORE

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