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[Wordle by AMY JANE]

RELATED: Former Wilco member Jay Bennett sued lead singer Jeff Tweedy in Cook County Circuit Court today, claiming Tweedy owes him money from the band’s 2002 documentary and royalties on songs written during Bennett’s seven years with the group. The lawsuit asks for damages of at least $50,000. MORE

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PREVIOUSLY: Saturday night Wilco seemed a little, well, predictable. The raw white lights and stripped-bare stage was a marked contrast to the moody mirror-ball atmospherics and kooky-but-compelling art films projected on large rear screens of recent tours. Message: We are here to play music, not put on human be-ins. Still, even in this plainly naked setting, songs like “You Are My Face” and “Shot In The Arm” were as arresting and cinematic as those stop-motion film clips of flowers blooming and then dying they used to show you in science class. This was due in no small part to the avant-pyrotechnics and jazz-like precision of guitarist Nels Cline. For much of the night Cline’s guitar work was as charismatic and scenery-chewing as Tweedy’s emotive lead vocal, which, let the record show, was in fine achy-breaky form. And the whole ensemble was a seamless mesh of nuance, warmth and rich tone colors. MORE

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