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Best known for creating the TV series Nip/Tuck, writer, director and producer Ryan Murphy turns his attention to high school in Glee, his upcoming comedy series for Fox. The series features a high school choir director and his ragtag group of singers. In addition to his television work, Murphy has penned screenplays for Running With Scissors as well as Eat, Pray, Love, based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s best-selling memoir.


Hour One
State Rep Mark Cohen has authored a bill to make the use of medical marijuana legal in Pennsylvania. To date, 13 states have legalized medicinal cannabis. We talk with Rep. Cohen and sociologist WENDY CHAPKIS about marijuana as medicine. She is the author of “Dying to Get High.” Listen to the mp3

Hour Two
Author MARK KURLANSKY takes us back to the days before we relied on a highway system, chain restaurants and soundopinions.jpgrefrigeration to get and prepare our food. His new book “The Food of a Younger Land,” relies on writings from the Federal Writer’s Project of the 1930’s to describe the nation’s food when it was seasonal, regional and traditional. Listen to the mp3


Show #181: 05.15.09
After taking the U.S. by storm with their hit song “Take Me Out,” Scottish band Franz Ferdinand is back touring the country. They stopped by our studio for a conversation with Jim and Greg, as well as a live acoustic performance. Later, they’ll review new albums from Green Day and St. Vincent.

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