NUTTER VS. BRT: Showdown At The Party Hack Corral


INQUIRER: The seven members of Philadelphia’s Board of Revision of Taxes yesterday flatly refused Mayor Nutter’s request that they resign, saying they saw no reason to do so despite news reports that detailed chronic mismanagement and ethical lapses at the agency. Standing six abreast – Joseph A. Russo was absent – they said they would fight for their jobs, which pay $70,000 to $75,000 a year for part-time work. “I take it as a personal affront, quite frankly,” said member Russell Nigro, a former Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice. Though jointly funded by the city and the School District of Philadelphia, the BRT is an independent agency with a board appointed by city judges. Charged with setting property values, it affects everyone who pays Philadelphia property taxes. Nutter has no direct control over the agency, and he cannot fire the board members. But that did not prevent him from trying to publicly shame them into stepping down yesterday. MORE


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