STYLE COUNCIL: TopStitch Is Top Notch

BY LAURA YACOE  TopStitch is making all the right moves. From their old second story spot on Market Street, they’ve officially made the big move to the ground floor of 54 North Third Street. I loved the hidden-away-vintage-haven appeal of their former location, but this one is unbelievable. Same awesome vintage and jewelry selection and interior designing by Bahdeebahdu, but now they’ve devoted the entire second floor of their new home to the sewing studio.

The upstairs sewing studio classes are taught by Emily Geddes, who also produces the clothing line emmaluv. Emmaluv is a collection of handmade reconstructive vintage like a patchwork sundress and silk jumpsuit. Geddes offers private lessons where clients can make whatever their inner seamstress desires. Want to make your own silk harem pants? Geddes teaches you step by step how to create your own pair of MC-Hammer-wear. grandopeningweb_1.jpgGeddes helps her clients find a garment, pick the pattern and then create their own wearable work of art. Lessons include all the necessary tools and materials, and are based on the hourly rate of $30 per hour.

When I walked into TopStitch, the owners — Rebecca Pulver and Linda Smyth — were playing dress up with corsets. Linda chatted with me while tightening the corset on Rebecca. As Linda pulled at the strings, Rebecca didn’t even flinch. The corsets, along with other clothing items, can be customized and tailored to perfection for every shape. The full and half corsets go for $175 to $300, so breathe easy.

Pulver and Smyth also have two jewelry line on the side: Fleathers and Rabid Fox. Fleathers combines everything great about feather, leather, and hot glue into colorful earrings that loop and dangle in exoticly dyed colors. Rabid Fox takes adorable critters like hippos and bunnies, and casts them into metal to wrap around your finger and wrists.The colorful and carefully selected collection of vintage mixed in with the vintage-inspired pieces by the likes of emmaluv and corsets, gives TopStitch’s new home that extra something.

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