GAYDAR: Dumpsta Players’ Under The Sea


AaronAvatar_1.jpgBY AARON STELLA It was bizarro prom night last night at Bob and Barbara’s, when the Dumpsta Players, those madcap mavericks of bar-based drag theater, put on Prom-Trash: Under the Sea. Instead of their unusual brand of kitschy melodrama, which traditionally consists of skits and lip-syncing that parody the current zeitgeist, contestants battled for the title of trashiest prom-queen of 2009—with a little song and dance, courtesy of the DPs, on the side. This year, prospective contestants were encouraged to fashion their starlet alter ego with the sea in mind. Hence, the lineup of decadent divas included such personae like MC Urchin, Octo-Mom (brilliant!), Mrs. Miller in rainwear garb, and Needles Jones (not really sea-themed, but a welcomed addition nonetheless).

Prom-Trash: Under the Sea commenced with a jaunty, techno sea shanty sung by band of rowdy yet colorfully clad pirates. Then came the Prom-Trash contestant introductions. My personal favorite was the busty, baby-toting Octo-Mom, whose still-bloody offspring seemed to be suffering from umbilical whiplash (Octo-Mom claimed that she hadn’t cut he umbilical chords because, “it’s nature’s lease.” Yick). Needles Jones also regaled the crowd with the gruesome skid marks of his life, fueled on by swigs from his tall glass of whiskey.

Trashing Disney was also a point of interest for the DPs last night. At one point, the players danced to “The Little Mermaid: Under the Sea.” Aerial didn’t embrace her characteristic affinity for crustaceans, or for any of the other sea creatures for that matter, but it didn’t stop her, or her giant shimmering fishtail, from flitting and floating along merrily. After the song concluded, it was time to narrow down of the contestants to decide who would be Miss Prom-Trash 2009. The finalists selected were Octo-Mom and MC Urchin. Each then were given a chance to the case for why they should be Miss Prom-Trash 2009. MC Urchin slammed out a few rhymes out, invoked with sass and bellicosity. Octo-Mom announced that she was now pawning off her babies at $500 a pop. She did, however, toss a few into the crowd, perhaps hoping they in turn would be inspired to purchase one of her bloodstained bundles of joy. But when it came down to it, the mob at Bob and Barbara’s chose MC Urchin to be Miss Prom-Trash 2009. Whereupon Chinatown, Miss Prom-Trash of 2008, came up to pass on the crown. The night ended with a line of well-wishers waiting to kiss Miss Prom-Trash 2009’s hand, as per tradition.

Always a good time with the DPs, and something more too: the DPs, as much as they stand for art at its zaniest, they stand for community, fun and the freedom to be weird and crazy. This no-holds-barred mentality encapsulates a much-needed vigor of community life, something we would be bereaved if it were lost. If you didn’t make it this time, go out and offer your support for the next show. Remember, we’re all in this together. Until next time, kiddies…

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