CONCERT REVIEW: Top Five Things You Should Know About Vivian Girls At Johnny Brendas Last Night


GIRLS KICK ASS: The Vivian Girls, Johnny Brendas, Last Night 

1. When did this band get so good? Well, as good as sloppy punk and playing completely open fretted can be perfected — the Vivian Girls have everything from their debut album down. I wonder if they hate these songs yet.

2. These gals are effortless to appreciate when not opening for M. Ward. Their last show at the Troc was just plain awkward in that no one cared. But when the entire JB’s crowd is mostly nodding their head and you’ve got alt-frat boys desperate for Kickball Katy’s attention, well, what’s not to appreciate?

3. I still have no clue what Cassie Ramone is saying 98 percent of the time. I don’t think anyone else does. Doesn’t keep anyone from tapping a foot though.

4. “Wild Eyes,” and “Tell the World,” remain my favorite songs by them live. Elongated three part harmonies just seem to do it for me.

5. It’s amusing to watch grown men lust so shamelessly. Guys, we all know there are attractive women on stage. Keep it in your pants, or get a room.


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