NEWS CLUES: Like An Armed Rampage Of Truth

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN: Gunman Kills Eight In Nursing Home Rampage

An armed man shot and killed seven patients and a nurse at a Carthage, North Carolina, nursing home Sunday before being wounded during a shootout with a police officer, authorities said. Three other people, including the police officer and a visitor to the nursing home, were wounded in the attack, Carthage Police Chief Chris McKenzie said. The police officer was treated and released, McKenzie said. The slain patients ranged in age from 78 to 98, Moore County District Attorney Maureen Krueger said. The man accused of carrying out the attack, 45-year-old Robert Stewart, was in custody, and his condition was unknown Sunday night, McKenzie said. Stewart was not an employee of the Pinelake Health and Rehab Center, and he did not appear to have been related to any of the patients, she said. “There is still more to be uncovered as far as his purpose in being there,” she said. [via CNN]

SLEAZY DOES IT: Lawyer Quits Biden Daughter Coke Flick Shakedown

cocaine.gifThe explosive video that purports to show Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley snorting cocaine was shot with a hidden camera, has learned. And as the scandal grows, the lawyer trying to peddle the tape while representing the man who shot it has quit. Tom Dunlap, an attorney for the Washington, D.C. firm Dunlap, Grubb and Weaver has dropped the seller of the tape as a client. Dunlap told early Sunday that he is no longer involved in the attempted sale of the video and informed his client he would not continue to represent him. The lawyer said he did not want to be involved due to circumstances surrounding the publicity of the matter. On Saturday, broke the story that a video showing a woman who is allegedly Ashley Biden snorting cocaine has been shopped to several media entities. The woman on the tape appears identical to 27-year-old Ashley. [via RADAR]

ANOTHER INCEST-RAPE SHOCKER: Father Forces Daughter To Bear 11 Children

A Colombian man has appeared in court accused of imprisoning his daughter and fathering 11 children with her. Arcedio Alvarez is said to have abused his daughter, now in her 30s, since she was nine years old. The case has shocked Colombia, and the 59-year-old needed police and army protection for his court appearance. Mr Alvarez, who the press have dubbed the “monster of Mariquita” after the area he comes from, denies incest and rape, saying his daughter was adopted. It is not clear whether his claim is true, or whether it would affect the charges he faces, but the woman says she always saw him as her father. “I always respected him as my father and he is my father,” she said. “He never spoke about [incest], about why we were doing it. Sometimes I would ask him and he would say it was God’s will.” The woman told police how her mother died when she was five years old, leaving her in the care of Mr Alvarez. She says she was raped repeatedly and had 11 children — three of whom died. [via BBC]

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