INBOX: Ever Get The Feeling You Are Being Watched?


Hi, phawker (phawker).

Larry Mendte (LarryMendte) is now following your updates on Twitter.

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NEW FEATURE: Meet Jeff Tweeney


Hey folks, Jeff Deeney here to let you know how this new Twitter project we’re rolling out will work. From now until Philadelphia no longer needs me for cannon fodder in the trenches of the War On Poverty, I will be posting the little overheard snippets of unintentional brilliance and frequently unhinged insanity that comprise the background noise of my work day.  Think of it as Today I Saw for the ADD set; I will bring you the streets in 160 characters or less. All dialogue 100% overheard. You’re already a couple days behind, so start following the Phawker Twitter stream and you can play along at home. And yes, it WILL be on the test.

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