STYLE COUNCIL: Virtue Is Its Own Reward

REWARD BOUTIQUE 55 N. Second St., 267-773-8675

BY LAURA YACOE STYLE EDITOR Reward, the rookie amongst the Philly clothing boutiques, is the new triple threat of Philly — combining fashion, music and art, the six-month-old boutique is creating a major buzz. Hosting music and art events is what makes the hot spot stand out from other Olde City boutiques. When Shari Roulin, owner and former Urban Outfitters buyer, opened in Reward in September, she wanted to put a new spin on fashion retailing in this town and just maybe inspire the creativity of her customers and competitors. Frightened Rabbit and Chairlift have performed free shows in the spacious loft to a packed audience. (At Frightened Rabbit’s acoustic show in January, the line started forming two hours prior to the show!) To promote the emerging local talent, Reward will host a photo exhibit during the next First Friday (April 4th). The event will feature photography from Elizabeth Santry, Bobby Whigham and Christopher Luxton. “I really want to give people the opportunity to step outside their medium” says Roulin. Her aim is to keep people coming back the store and to contribute with their creativity as well as their wallets. So far, so good.  The overwhelming response to these live events ensures many more are to come. But getting back to what Reward does best: fashion. The lovingly-selected collection of clothing, shoes, bags, jewelry, vintage items is making Reward a Second Street sensation. They have introduced lines that have never crossed the Atlantic before heading to Philly, such as Paris’ Emilie Casiez. If it’s not an out and out exclusive, then only a handful of U.S. retailers carry it — like Wood Wood, a men’s line from Copenhagen. Established lines from the likes of Opening Ceremony, Something Else and Daydream Nation also hang from the racks made of piping. Roulin is crazy about floral prints for the spring and summer. “The bigger, the better. The brighter, the better,” raves Roulin as she grabs a floral dress from Emilie Casiez. Roulin’s excitement and abiding love for everything in the store is obvious the second you step inside and she warmly greets you like an old friend. It almost feels like home.

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