DAILY MAIL: Batman star Christian Bale has been caught on tape launching into a foul-mouthed rant at one of the crew members on his forthcoming movie Terminator Salvation. The British-born actor, 35, repeatedly swore and threatened to ‘kick your f**king a**’ when director of photography Shane Hurlbut accidentally interrupted Bale mid-scene. An audio tape of the alleged incident, which happened on set in New Mexico, US last July, has been leaked on to the internet, prompting the film’s assistant director to defend Bale’s behaviour. The on-set clash took place just two days before Bale had an argument with his mother Jenny and sister Sharon in a London hotel before the British premiere of The Dark Knight. The audio tape was recorded during a particularly intense scene between Bale’s John Connor character and actress Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays his on-screen wife. According to TMZ.com, concerned film executives sent the tape recording to their insurance company over fears Bale would quit the film. The actor is heard erupting in anger — and using the F-word 35 times — after cinematographer Hurlbut walks into his sightline. MORE



fingersex.gifTANGENTIALLY RELATED: Cable television provider Comcast apologized to customers in Tucson, Arizona, on Tuesday after the airing of a 30-second clip from a porn movie during the Super Bowl broadcast. “We are mortified by the Super Bowl interruption, and we apologize to our customers,” Comcast said in a statement.”We can’t undo what happened, but we remain deeply sorry for the impact this situation has had on our customers,” the Philadelphia-based company said. Comcast said it planned to issue a 10-dollar credit to subscribers whose broadcast of the final minutes of the game was interrupted by a scene from a pornographic movie in which a woman unzips a man’s pants and performs a sexual act. MORE

BREAKING: Former Senator Tom Daschle has withdrawn from consideration for health and human services secretary over his belated payment of federal taxes.

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