NPR FOR THE DEAF: We Hear It Even When You Can’t


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In his new book, We Can Have Peace In The Holy Land: A Plan That Will Work, former President Jimmy Carter presents his strategy to end fighting between Israelis and Palestinians. The 39th president of the United States, Carter is the author of Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid and the founder of The Carter Center, an organization that promotes conflict resolution and peace.

ALSO, Ethan Bronner, the Jerusalem bureau chief for The New York Times, has written about the Arab-Israeli conflict for more than 25 years. Recently, he has been covering the conflict in Gaza. In a Jan. 24 Times article, Bronner described the difficulties of reporting on such a charged and divided story:

“No place, date or event in this conflicted land is spoken of in a common language,” Bronner wrote. “The barrier snaking across and inside the West Bank is a wall to Palestinians, a fence to Israelis. The holiest site in Jerusalem is the Temple Mount to Jews, the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims. The 1948 conflict that created Israel is one side’s War of Independence, the Catastrophe for the other.”

Bronner has written for Reuters and The Boston Globe, and he previously served as a deputy foreign editor for The New York Times. He joins Fresh Air host Terry Gross to discuss recent developments in Gaza, where a bombing and a retaliatory Israeli airstrike today disturbed the cease-fire that has held since Jan. 17.

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