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How do you make a realistic film about a notoriously “fake” sport? That was the question Darren Aronofsky faced when he agreed to direct The Wrestler, a movie starring Mickey Rourke as a gnarled professional wrestler whose glory days are gone. Both Rourke and supporting actress Marisa Tomei have received Oscar nominations for their work in the film. Aronofsky’s previous directorial credits include Pi (1998) and Requiem For A Dream (2000).


Hour 1
Last week, President Obama ordered the suspension of all trials at Guantanamo Bay and signed an executive order to close the detention center within a year, but he acknowledged that the process will be complicated. We talk with JOANNE MARINER of Human Rights Watch and SCOTT SILLIMAN who teaches at Duke Law School about options for trying, releasing and detaining Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Listen to the mp3

Hour 2
The latest research on driving while talking on your cell phone. Our guest is DAVID STRAYER, Professor of Psychology at the University of Utah. His research focuses on driver distraction and multi-tasking. His lab has been studying cell phone safety for about a decade. Listen to the mp3



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