ART SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL: Romantic Rivalry Escalates To Deadly Stabbing On South Street


DAILY NEWS: A student at the Art Institute of Philadelphia was stabbed to death Saturday morning in Society Hill, just across the street from the Engine 11 Firehouse. Medics returning to the firehouse about 6 a.m. from an unrelated call found the body of Reo Dennis, 22, of McLean, Texas, [pictured, above] on 6th Street near South. They immediately took him to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 6:43 a.m., Homicide Sgt. Tim Cooney said. By last night, police had charged 22-year-old Alex Naranjo, who lives on Randolph Street near South, just a block away from the scene of the stabbing, with murder and related offenses in Dennis’ death, Homicide Sgt. Bob Wilkins said. Recent disputes between Dennis and Naranjo about the affections of a woman had escalated to threats in the 24 hours prior to the slaying, police said. Dennis was going to speak to Naranjo about the situation when a confrontation occurred between the two on the street, according to Cooney. MORE

reodennis3_1.jpgAIPH MEDIA ARTS & ANIMATION BLOG: Reo Dennis was a dear friend of mine. He was a classmate in highschool, and if you ever met him, he went straight into your heart. He was the first person when i moved to McLean to accept me for who I was, and encouraged me to always stand up for myself, and tought me, and everyone else, it doesnt matter what every one else thinks, just be your self, and show your heart. I’m jelous of those of you in phil. that have gotten to spend the last four years with him, and I will always cherish the time I was blessed with that included him. Please keep his family in your prayers. We love and miss him. Its so rare to find someone with a heart as good and golden as Reo, and he deffiantly had a one of a kind personality….One that you couldnt help but fall in love with.  — Sandi Anderson, McLean class of 2004

MYSPACE: This Was Reo Dennis

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