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Rolling Stone contributing editor Steve Knopper chronicles the rise of the record industry — and its subsequent digital-age collapse — in his new book, Appetite For Self-Destruction: The Spectacular Crash Of The Record Industry In The Digital Age. Knopper’s work has also appeared in Spin, Esquire, The Washington Post and Wired.


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A look back at President George Bush’s eight years in office. How will he be judged? An analysis of the high and lowpoints with Vanderbilt University historian GARY GERSTLE and Bush biographer, ROBERT DRAPER. Listen to the mp3

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Life has become increasingly difficult for the thousands of Iraqi citizens and their family members who have helped the U.S. government. Those who remain in Iraq have become targets of extremists and militia groups; many have become refugees or displaced persons within Iraq. We talk to JASON FALER of the Checkpoint One Foundation and KIRK JOHNSON of The List Project about their efforts to assist the Iraqis who have worked alongside Americans for the past five years. Then we hear from an Iraqi interpretor now living in the U.S. Listen to the mp3


THIS AMERICAN LIFElisten.gif 372: The Inauguration Show
People from all over the country weigh in with their feelings about the new president. Plus, NPR international economics correspondent Adam Davidson on how Obama’s new stimulus plan might actually be the first ever test of a very very old theory. And other stories on the eve of a historic inauguration.

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Jolie Holland has been called one of America’s finest musical poets. Her words find communion with her music, with roots in folk, traditional country, jazz and a hint of the blues. Holland’s latest album, The Living and the Dead, is a study in life as a journey, inspired by her travels. Here, she performs hauntingly beautiful songs from the album — with nods to the writings of Jack Kerouac and Joan Vollmer — in a session with host David Dye.


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